I first came upon Starfield Creations when they just happened to be at the top of a long Internet search list for “orgonite pyramids.” My immediate reaction to the Starfield Creations pyramids was fascination with their beauty and spell-binding presence. I have bought a number of orgonite pyramids in the past, and I am acquainted with handmade ones as well as the ones being sold on ebay and amazon.com. But these pyramids seemed to be on another level, with an interior life and a unique organic story that pulled me into each piece. The colors were extraordinary and the material used was little short of revolutionary. I found myself with an overwhelming desire to see one in person.

Then I was hit with reservations. The pyramids were relatively expensive and what if it was the accomplished website presentation that was making them so alluring? But the pyramids were just unforgettable. I couldn’t get them out of my mind and abandoned the search for other “orgonite pyramids.” I was still not certain that the actual objects could live up to the impression I was getting of them, but I decided to trust my instincts and made the move and bought several pyramids.

When the pyramids arrived, my reaction was amazement. No picture could do justice to the magical and stunning inner life within each pyramid. I spent hours gazing into each piece and entering the "world" of each creation. They literally took my breath away. Everything I had imagined I saw in each pyramid was so unbelievable in actual 3D! I had been hesitant about the cost but I came to the realization that they were “priceless.” In short, I was looking at art.

Yong Bom

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Rochester, NY  14607
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Rochester, NY.
I had an energy worker friend read the necklace Everlasting Star and he said that the copper has a lot of energy, there are two sides, the "back" seems stronger and brings in higher vibrational messages from the cosmos and the "front" side was more heart/healing elemental spirit type energy "like a portal opening" (his words), and he kept seeing different things coming through. Wow! thanks!

After he told me that it looked like a portal, i said that the "front" looks like an eye!

I LOVE the Black Sun! it was what i got myself because I couldn't find any large black stone pyramids at the Gem Fair. I feel really great about getting the orgonite pyramid, kinda funny how i didn't think about orgonite until i couldn't find the pyramids i wanted at the fair. Also, Rainbow Warrior is for that friend :-) I am excited about hearing what he reads from it. Your orgonite is the first one I've seen with lights inside of them!

Your orgonite is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I look forward to seeing them in person and gifting them to some really surprised people. Aureo is stunning! The metal base adds a fancy finish too. Thanks!

J. Sun
"Hello Lovely.
OMG, i got them OMG I did so good to pick these beauties. WOW, ok I put The Beloved on as soon as I opened it once I picked it up at post office and wow. My ears felt a twinge in a good way, so I felt fab wearing it all day doing my errand's, I glimpsed the Window to Soul and put it back in pouch, so lovely. Hubby liked them too. I love them, the Beloved feels better without the chain when I'm at home. So that's my day time one I'll wear when out and about. In the evening I put on Window to the Soul. Tears of Joy came to me so I knew is was awesome and decided to wear it to bed, and still wearing it now, this one is so fabulous that I'm always going to wear. Thank you so much.
Once I achieve my goal, I'll thank you is person for these fabulous beauties. Actually I feel quite clear and getting some good insights to things right now so I'll keep you posted.
Have a fabulously joyous week.

“I really love my (big...splurge, it's worth it) pyramid, I'm not "apparently" sensitive to its energy but Ness is, says it's all positive, and seems to be giving her important/urgent...but fleeting, unfortunately she can't hang on to them...dreams.

I can't walk past it without running my hands over it and staring inside for a bit. Definitely happy with purchase, this shameless plug was unsolicited...I've been unhappy with a previous or gone pyramid purchase (though ness felt the energy strongly, it was a practical one I guess), but whether C&C's Orgone factory (you can have that name if you want it) products "work" or not...on the work-of-art side of it is definitely worth it!”

- Phil Berrymore


“We received the beautiful pyramid. It is stunning! I cannot keep my eyes off it. There is so much to gaze upon and the colors are fantastic! The work is beautiful and transcendent! I fall into each piece which is a whole world unto itself. How wonderful - bringing healing through beauty and energy. Fabulous!”

- Lynn Thompson


"When I first saw these pyramids I was intrigued, the lore of the great pyramids of Egypt as well as those here in Mexico came to mind. My experience with the one Cristian and Christine gifted us is very special in two ways. First I have a pain in my left thigh which makes sleeping uncomfortable. In the middle of the night I woke with pain and thought of the pyramid so I rubbed it on my thigh and was able to sleep beautifully all night.

The other benefit is with my memory, holding the pyramid or rubbing it around my head I relax and find that within fifteen minutes, no more than an hour, something mentally guides me to an answer in a language I can understand.

Magic or possibly scientific, in some way it works. These pyramids are a showpiece and downright miracles. Gratitude to the creator."

- James Egea


"My little sparking bundle of joy has arrived today! And what an adventure...

I have to share what happened when I opened it. Very first thing that I noticed was it was packed in a little box, which I opened, and found a little blue silk pouch with a personalized note on it! How sweet was that! When I opened the pouch, the pyramid was really packed well...this bad boy is not going to have any damages in transit that's for sure. But in my hand, once the package was released, the energy coming off this thing was over the top. I mean charged, or releasing, or re-distributing, I'm not so sure what it's doing but it was crackling in my hand. It's on my desk beside my computer and every time I pick it up I feel an electric kind of charge coming off of it. 

But here's the kicker. After I showed it to my family, I took it upstairs to my room where I was going to put it just to keep it to look at it for a while. When I got to the door, the damn thing....lol I'm still laughing about this! It let of an arc! I spark, like when you walk across carpet, build up a static charge, and touch someone? Except the spark shot out the top of the pyramid, and zapped a full 10-11" to hit the door. It happened in just a second, but it was....wow. All I can say is wow.

I'm thinking I may have to move this out of my bedroom because I'm not sure just how it's going to behave when I'm asleep. But let me tell you guys. These things...they're alive somehow. I don't know how, but they are. At least they seem that way!"

- Pete McNaughton 


"I was initially struck by the unique aesthetic of each piece, but found my self drawn to the alchemic compositions of 3 in particular. After deliberation, I ended up choosing two - namely: 'Weed' and 'Fall'.

'Weed' - from very first viewing, I favoured due to the simplicity and live organic element of the moss. It's visual effect is like looking into the depths of Nature or what might be The World Tree... it quickly struck me as something that could operate as a scrying tool. And there's no dismissing the association of the piece looking like a possible hommage to a cannibis bud... and by default - all things biotanically medicinal, with some having properties of inducing altered consciousness.

Having ascribed all those associations to 'Weed' prior to arrival, I was keen to discover it's energy signature as an 'entity' now present. Upon arrival, I placed it on the flattened platform of the palm of my right hand and closed my eyes. The first minds eye image was of a wild black cat with a red tongue surging forward. A second was of an orb of moonlight silver shining from within the mosses density. The felt sense was of the pyramid forms interior energy pulsing and circulating at the same momentum as my heart beat.

'Fall'... on the other hand - (and I literally felt an orientation to place it on the left hand/and not the right)... represents the Fall of humans and the story of the Angelic beings falling to Earth when expelled from 'the heavens'. As l held it… its' energies were felt to be vibrating high - while at the same time seeming to raise my own - particularly mentally; and l felt a nerve charge shoot down to my left foot. In minds eye I saw what looked like blue crystalline energy at the apex of the pyramid, which infused the remainder of it - wherein a storm of tiny grey particles were spinning at great speed.

A symbolic incident:

After photographing Fall (placed upon a small dish…) outside on a corner ledge of my 2nd story veranda… I went inside and became busy with other tasks. It was a sunny, windless day… but when I went out again I was mystified to find that both the dish and the orgonite had evidently fallen off the ledge onto the grass below. I immediately found the dish… but Fall was no where to be seen… it wasn't until a few hours later when my neighbour was about and saw me looking down from above, that that she told me she had found it.

Make of it what you will… I found it intriguing!

- Hazel Crawford


21 June 2016

Just received my gift. I absolutely LOVE it and keep it with me wherever I am sitting. I kept it next to my bed last night - I usually have very disturbing dreams, but not last night. I'm very intrigued so I've started to research orgonite art. Pretty fascinating to say the least. Thank you so much for thinking of me. 

- Elinor


It's funny how the program works, when you can slow your mind down enough to feel into it. You see, Christine and Cristian have been co-creating some amazing and unique pieces of what they themselves call orgonite art. Are they following the rules? Of course they are not, for who wrote the rules. And I have a confession to make, and will bravely use my own example to illustrate my point. I was gifted a beautiful piece of orgonite, called Lamarck, of which there is an actual being whose energy several of us have connected with. 

Both before and after some judge mental thoughts arose in my mind. I could claim they are not judgmental, but for me that would not be honest. They were loud in my mind, unbidden on any conscious level. But they were there, there is no mistaking it. And it had to do with some programming I didn't even know I had. Unbeknownst to myself, I had fallen victim to the voice of the so called experts. I had read much about orgonite, watched some videos too, and knew about what had been discovered thus far, as far as composition and effectiveness with things like emissions from cell towers, mitigating geopathic stress and so on, even influencing the weather in a positive way. And yes, all those things are true. But why stop there. Is there not room for the next evolution, and did someone claim ownership over deciding what orgonite should and shouldn't do? Just some questions that come to mind. 

For me, as I sat with these thoughts, and also reviewed the many scenes that have entered my mind, and the emotions associated with them, since the inception of this gifting, I knew that there was indeed something more going on with these pieces that Christine and Cristian had allowed to express through their imaginations into manifestation here in 3D. Not to mention the realization that they had to create them in reverse. I can now clearly remember a time when a part of the life stream that makes up who I am had an experience as a female warrior being, who was very arrogant and quick to judge. I had many other more desirable characteristics in this experience as well, but it is often easier to see what we want to see, rather than that which can bring discomfort when remembered as it actually felt at the time it occurred. That's because many of us have changed into something much different than we started out to be. Sometimes it's embarrassing to remember certain events and things we thought and felt at a different stage in our development. Heck, it's embarrassing just to remember certain events from this lifetime. And sorry, I digressed a bit. 

These pieces are more than they seem, that much I know for sure, and as much needed in this realm as the other more traditional pieces that address, perhaps, different issues in the bigger scheme of things. But I would be very careful to jump to any conclusions of a negative sort based on the past. As we are entering a new time, a time to create and express that which wants to emerge on a deep level, and seems to express itself differently with each individual, according to their particular interests and innate talents. Each of us has a part to play, as long as we follow our inner light to see where it takes us. 

As I was struggling with my unbidden judgmental thoughts, I lay down and had a dream of being in the sea, with sparkling Aqua-marine colored water swishing with the action of the waves, and watching the light dance across the sandy ocean floor. It was like I was really there. I sat up and knew it had to do with the orgonite they were creating, and thought it was about the piece I had just been gifted. Turns out they were on their road trip, having brought along their new creation named Oceana. When I saw the picture of this new piece, I knew this was what I had actually tuned into. There is something trying to emerge in these pieces that denies explanation. Possibly even a sign that our ability to joyfully and lovingly create and co-manifest new worlds of great beauty are returning. I am excited to see where it takes us. And I'm ready to remove the barnacles that obstruct my flow.

- Laurie Thompson