Our Work is a labor of Love, the pieces are carefully hand crafted and created in moments of inspiration, each is unique, telling a story and holding a resonance and frequency that will be felt and interpreted by the individual.

We are open to incoming energies that inform within the fields of Universal flow, standing on the edge of unfolding infinite potential we have found a medium to express while following the discoveries and research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich of the energy he called orgone. Dr. Reich named this energy orgone because of his deep personal experiences and gnosis of the orgasmic nature of creation within the dynamics of the polarities.

Individually and in union we have reached deep into our Self having directly experienced this energy. It isn’t necessarily sexual as humanity currently views sexuality for the very nature, the heart and core of creation is emanated from this field of unseen potential. This is the lock that the key of unconditional love that opens the secret inner alchemical chamber that every human is born with.

Each time we initiate a design we immediately and simultaneously recognize our work is creating individuated beings; each beautiful, each unique and each with a distinctive energy and all carry our love that is in free flow.

Love is Space … it is the space between the finds expression in our art.

Thank you for visiting our website and for taking a moment or two to feel our work.

Christine and Cristian