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  • Turquoise Vortex
    Turquoise Vortex

    Turquoise Vortex - Pyramids have long been viewed as portals to other...

  • Fire&Water

    Alchemy - Lit from Within is from our new line of illuminated pyramids....

  • The Blue One
    Blue Density

    Blue Density - Lit from Within is from our new line of illuminated...

  • Aureo

    Aureo - A powerhouse of a pyramid reflecting the golden mean of...

  • The Atlantean
    The Atlantean

    The Atlantean – Inspired by sunken memories this pyramid was constructed...

  • Black Sun
    Black Sun

    The Black Sun - the energy of transmutative power. This energy is...

  • Rainbow Warrior
    Rainbow Warrior

    Rainbow Warrior -  bridges the light realm with the dark one; fearless...

  • Dragon's Lair 2
    Dragon's Lair Medium

    Dragon's Lair - A fire capstone of hand-cut Copper and floating Gold...

  • Tower Busters Pack of 4
    Tower Busters Pack of 4

    The Tower Buster is front line defense when it comes to converting DOR,...

  • Abeja Reina
    Abeja Reina

    Abeja Reina or Queen Bee - The bee symbolizes nectar and is necessary...





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  • $99

    Dreams in Blue - Stardust swirls around turquoise stones that swirl from the central dome of luminescent pearl and gold leaf. Layers of sand, glass and mineral color find a resting place on a final layer of copper pellets and copper metal flakes. Materials: Fresh water pearlGold LeafTurquoiseMica PowderMetal FlakesCrushed GlassCopper SpheresDimensions:...

  • $59

    Ice Princess - Gold leaf, .99 pure silver and a pearl crown a natural fluorite double point pyramid which floats on petite natural flowers in a sea of quartz and aquamarine crystals, the grounding of the energy is achieved by granules of natural silver. Materials: Gold leaf .99 pure silver Pearl Fluorite Quartz Aquamarine Dimensions:Base 5cm...

  • $59

    Buddha’s Enlightenment is the inspiration for this rainbow pyramid, gold leaf and .99 pure silver, amethyst, lapis lazuli, peridot rise above Buddha sitting on a floor of rutilated quartz, copper floats on a bed of natural rose petals and dried flowers. Material:Gold leafSilver granulesAmethystLapis lazuliPeridotRutilated QuartzCopper Dimensions: Base:...

  • $99

    Fire and Water - Gold leaf-copper apex perched on a sea of lapis lazuli and turquoise as water pours into a space of citrine landing on a fiery ground of jasper and agate  on bed of hematite and iron oxide.  Material: Lapis LazuliGold leaf and copperTurquoiseCitrine Hematite Jasper and agateDimensions: Base 7cm (2.75 inches) x Height 10cm (3 inches) The...

  • Time for Love - Small watch gears centered in a hand crafted heart surrounded by pyrite, ancient volcanic sand, garnets, seed pearls and gold leaf tell us that is is always time for Love. Material: Bezel - Tumbaga  Garnet Gold leaf Seed pearls Volcanic sand Pyrite Dimensions: Width: 4cm (1.6 inches) x Length: 4cm (1.6 inches) x Depth: 7mm...

  • $69

    Emergence - From deep within the fiery core of Mother Earth quartz crystals are formed as heat meets the watery realm. Capstone is made of hand cut copper surrounded by gold leaf. A natural quartz crystal emerges into a swirl of dried moss from a bed of quartz and copper. Material: Copper Gold leaf Quartz crystals Quartz point  Dried moss Peridot...

  • $99

    Organica - This pyramid was made as a gift for the local health shop. A tip of hand cut copper, gold leaf and Baby's Breath dried flowers showers down on a stalk of wheat. Dried moss, cinnamon and the sacred herb Palo Santo sit on a heavy layer of copper and solodite, synergistically evoking nature's abundance. Material:CopperWheatCinnamonPalo Santo...

  • $99

    Angel Fire - Copper and gold leaf surround a Herkimer diamond floating on a cloud formed by Baby's Breath and Amber from Chiapas, Mexico. A Citrine crystal shoots skyward from a bed of quartz and gold leaf rising above a sea floor of Lapis Lazuli, Solidite and cobalt glass. Inspired by the passionate fire of an angelic friend, brass angel wings sign this...

  • $99

    Oceania - A sea of bliss is evoked in this beautiful pyramid. Embedded throughout the resin is crushed quartz crystal making this one of our most highly charged pieces to date.  Upon a copper and turquoise floor swirling around a quartz crystal are quartz, turquoise, sand and glass … the ocean's movement eternally captured. The apex is formed from...

  • $75

    Abeja Reina or Queen Bee - The bee symbolizes nectar and is necessary for life on Earth. This pendant is a powerful orgonite as well, set in a hand-crafted pure copper bezel in a matrix of pulverized quartz is a delicate brass bee, embedded in the hollow of her back is a small citrine. Surrounding protective black Tourmaline and natural Turquoise with...

  • $199

    Morning flowers, awakening with the first light of the sun are sure to bring joy. A flower mandala is the design pattern that inspired this charging plate. The Orgone charging plate is a powerful and versatile tool that you can use to enhance many areas of your life. It produces a broad field of Orgone energy, which will clear objects and spaces of...

  • $15

    The Tower Buster is front line defense when it comes to converting DOR, deadly orgone energy that is life inhibiting to POR, positive orgone energy which is life enhancing. Etheric warriors all over the world have been gifting (placing) them strategically. They help mitigate the ill effects of Wifi, Geopathic stress, smart meters, cell phones along with...

Showing 1 - 12 of 64 items