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  • Turquoise Vortex
    Turquoise Vortex

    Turquoise Vortex - Pyramids have long been viewed as portals to other...

  • Fire&Water

    Alchemy - Lit from Within is from our new line of illuminated pyramids....

  • The Blue One
    Blue Density

    Blue Density - Lit from Within is from our new line of illuminated...

  • Aureo

    Aureo - A powerhouse of a pyramid reflecting the golden mean of...

  • The Atlantean
    The Atlantean

    The Atlantean – Inspired by sunken memories this pyramid was constructed...

  • Black Sun
    Black Sun

    The Black Sun - the energy of transmutative power. This energy is...

  • Rainbow Warrior
    Rainbow Warrior

    Rainbow Warrior -  bridges the light realm with the dark one; fearless...

  • Dragon's Lair 2
    Dragon's Lair Medium

    Dragon's Lair - A fire capstone of hand-cut Copper and floating Gold...

  • Tower Busters Pack of 4
    Tower Busters Pack of 4

    The Tower Buster is front line defense when it comes to converting DOR,...

  • Abeja Reina
    Abeja Reina

    Abeja Reina or Queen Bee - The bee symbolizes nectar and is necessary...





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  • $119

    The Beloved represents a heart of gold, encapsulated in a hand crafted heart bezel is a central crystal surrounded by gold, garnets and seed pearls, the Beloved lives in us all. Chain included is hand wrought. Metal is: Tumbaga. Material:  Gold leaf Herkimer diamond Seed pearls  Faceted garnets Pyrite Dimensions: Heart: width 5.5cm (2 inches) x...

  • $75

    OUR MOST POPULAR PENDANT - EACH UNIQUE as per photos Harmony - A Sterling Silver hand-crafted bezel embraces an array of semi precious stones, naturally formed Copper pieces radiate a central energy field with flecks of pure Gold Leaf. Wearing this pendant is both beautiful and powerful, one definitely feels the harmonics of color and sound. CHAIN NOT...

  • $89

    Window to the Soul - an unique handcrafted pendant set in a bezel of pure copper is turquoise wrapped in gold leaf with pyrite, pearls, volcanic crystal sand surrounding a quartz crystal that is a window to the soul of the wearer.  Material:Copper TurquoiseGold leafSeed pearlsVolcanic sandPyriteDimensions: Width: 3cm (1.2 nches) x Length: 4.7cm (1.85...

  • $99

    Eternal Flame of spiritual awareness is formed with silver granules and gold leaf inside a hand-crafted sterling silver oval. Framed by gold leaf, quartz crystal, tiny peridot and dried moss evoking the natural world, a soft pink glow of colored sand reminds us of the Mother's love for all creation.  Material:Sterling silverGold leafQuartz...

  • $75

    Mysterium - The metaphysical power hidden in the great unknown is the inspiration for this unique sterling silver orgonite pendant. Cerulean blue with flecks of Gold leaf represent the emergent Celestial realms, a orange yellow ray as the light of the sun divides the sky from the depth of the void. Alchemical properties that remind us of the necessity to...

  • $69

    Drákōn - Dragons play a vital role in the mythology of every culture, known as creatures of creation, protection and inner sight. Our orgonite pendant is hand crafted in a copper bezel inlaid with a bronze dragon that perches in a watery world of Quartz, Gold Leaf, Turquoise, Calcedony, Black Tourmaline and freshwater Seed Pearls. The construction of...

  • $75

    Hermes - This powerful pendant is named for this Phoenician god. The all encompassing strength and magic of Hermes is captured in this sterling silver bezel. The careful placement of seed pears, black tourmaline and gold leaf in layers of natural copper nuggets carry a message of protection and prosperity. CHAIN NOT INCLUDED, one can be selected at...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items