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  • Turquoise Vortex
    Turquoise Vortex

    Turquoise Vortex - Pyramids have long been viewed as portals to other...

  • Fire&Water

    Alchemy - Lit from Within is from our new line of illuminated pyramids....

  • The Blue One
    Blue Density

    Blue Density - Lit from Within is from our new line of illuminated...

  • Aureo

    Aureo - A powerhouse of a pyramid reflecting the golden mean of...

  • The Atlantean
    The Atlantean

    The Atlantean – Inspired by sunken memories this pyramid was constructed...

  • Black Sun
    Black Sun

    The Black Sun - the energy of transmutative power. This energy is...

  • Rainbow Warrior
    Rainbow Warrior

    Rainbow Warrior -  bridges the light realm with the dark one; fearless...

  • Dragon's Lair 2
    Dragon's Lair Medium

    Dragon's Lair - A fire capstone of hand-cut Copper and floating Gold...

  • Tower Busters Pack of 4
    Tower Busters Pack of 4

    The Tower Buster is front line defense when it comes to converting DOR,...

  • Abeja Reina
    Abeja Reina

    Abeja Reina or Queen Bee - The bee symbolizes nectar and is necessary...





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